Laatste Nieuws


1. Dita and Rogier Lanters, coming back from Alphen, going to Zwolle.
2. Kenneth and Elisa van den Berg, coming back from Rejeka, Croatia, going to Zwolle
3. Mike and Moniek l’Acosta, coming back from Leiden, going to Zwolle
4. Matthijs and Ilona Majoor, coming back from Amstelveen, going to Zwolle

New evangelists
1. Eugene and Haidee Johanna, evangelising out of Amersfoort
2. Julio and Monse Moraleja, evangelising out of El Ejido, Spain

International new work:
1. Rene and Angele Brabants, from Eindhoven, into Leuven, Belgium

National new works:
1. From Zwolle into Alphen ad Rijn, taking over from Rogier and Dita Lanters, Ipe and Daniele Toren.
2. From Zwolle into Gouda, Harry and Nicole Douven
3. From Zwolle into Apeldoorn, Joel and Annika Houtman, second church in Apeldoorn
4. From Breda into Bergen op Zoom, Stevie and Patty Entong